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Amor Fati

Photographer Marc Nicer

Outfit by Zemeta Choi

Explored in Brooklyn NY 16

In an ever changing world, we will forever be free.
We are living in an altered generation, unlike any before.
It is so easy to get lost in time where we can decide in
which time we want to live in between cyber space and reality.
the freedom we have is limitless in time.
Our youth lives forever in us and will never despair.
In our forever youth and freedom we will together
constantly create Raw fashion, art, and real thoughts.
Looking for originality that comes within.
Let's be lost in time and focus on what is real.
Wishing to set trends to preserve our earth and motivate
our kind of freedom. Observing the world for what it is. 
- Our youth lives forever in us and will never despair.
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MN1_2945 copy
kodak-black copy

Photographer: Marc Nicer

Production/Fashion design: Zemeta Choi

Models: Zemeta Choi, Brooke Anderson, Zak Cy, Cristal Chung

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